We The Grimshaws

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We The Grimshaws

WE THE GRIMSHAWS is directing duo Craig Brownrigg and Brenna Horrocks who were brought together by a curious mix of fate and poultry themed cross stitch. Now, they’re partners in all things creative and life. 

Craig's directed a boatload of award winning, hilarious commercials for everyone from Progressive to McDonalds to Amazon. 

Brenna began her career as an award winning agency creative at Arnold. She’s been freelance copywriting and designing for major brands ever since. Oh, and she's also a published poet and essayist too. 

Brenna and Craig have joined forces to create We The Grimshaws, combining Craig’s signature grounded comedic tone with a laser focused eye for detail, a graphic visual style, and their very own playful brand of weirdness. 

On top of being a strange word, Grimshaw is a family name. So when you team up with We The Grimshaws, you become a part of the family - a functional one. That happens to make beautiful, weird, funny films.